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This meditation was developed as a response to world events that elicited a strong need for building more peace and compassion.


We realize that there are many, many forms of meditation, guided or otherwise. We want to honour and respect all the wise teachers of mindfulness and meditation that came long before us. One type of meditation in the Buddhist traditions is called “Loving Kindness” meditation or “Maitri”. Similarly, it has wishes of love and kindness to self, to those close to you, those you just barely know, those who you may dislike and finally to all sentient beings, past or present on this earth.


We have simplified and recalibrated the intentions of those meditations to heed our need to build peace in our world using kindness and compassion. It starts with one person – our own self, and can branch out to our outer circles and beyond. This meditation is loosely based on “Shamatha” mindfulness meditation in which the eyes remain open and the three areas of attention are the breath, our body and our mind.


We hope you enjoy this meditation. It has potential to heal hearts, open hearts and bring peace to those we love, including ourselves.